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ICFs Deliver the Sounds of Silence
The thermal and sound-proofing qualities of external walling made from Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) has delivered a Queensland family a comfortable and quiet new residence in Brisbane’s eastern suburbs.
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House in the Natural Environment
Brisbane has many areas that are categorized as bushfire prone. Whilst being close to the beautiful natural environment, houses that are built on these types of sites need to be carefully designed to ensure the safety of the occupants. The Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) system is suitable to be used for this type of site due to its excellent fire resistance and durability. It can offer great flexibility in design as well as ease and safety in housing construction.
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Concrete Comfort
A comfortable haven built in Chandler, Queensland demonstrates the ability of concrete to naturally control extreme temperatures. Built of concrete external walls and floors the house is cool in summer and warm in winter providing year round comfort. Thermally efficient, concrete naturally controls comfort levels and dramatically decreases energy demands.

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Energy Savings for an Eco ICF Home
The documents below have been provided by Jorge of Builtex Homes based on one of their display homes built with Eco Block.
Average Saving PDF
BERS Rating Eco Lateral ED PDF


Thumbs Up For Eco Block
As a very hands on builder, Adam Guerassimoff of JADA Building Services is always keen to trial new products and try new ideas. After talking to Michael Falloon from Gladstone Bricks Sales on alternative methods of forming up for the construction of his new pool, Adam was convinced that the new Eco-blocks Michael recommended would be perfect.

“There were a number of reasons I decided to give them a try,” he said. “Michael really knows his stuff and I was happy to take his advice in this matter. I saw this as a good opportunity to try the product on my own construction project to see how it went. The blocks turned out to be very cost effective, very manageable and easy to use.”.............Read More


BOULDER USA - Peter Brady lives on top of a mountain off of Fourmile Canyon Road. Not only did his house survive the Fourmile Canyon Fire, but he also survived to tell the story. "This is the place that I decided I wanted to finally settle down in, put all my energies into, be the steward of the forest," he said.

Brady says he was so confident in how he prepared his house in the event of a wildfire, he did not leave the area when the evacuation was ordered. There is charred ground a full 360 degrees around his home, not to mention most of his neighbors' homes did not make it.

Brady is not a firefighter by trade, and he used a green gardening hose to put out hot spots. Brady says he built his home thinking every step of the way: how could I build this to best withstand a fire?

He wasn't the only one putting up a battle. His 32-year-old son walked eight miles up a steep mountain to help his dad in the fight. "He comes walking up the driveway with a shovel, and a pick, and his gear... and, we went right to work," Brady said.

For four sleepless days, the two fought the fire with a $6 nozzle and green garden hose as their primary line of defense. The flames crept up as close as 30 feet from his home. As for the preventative work done beforehand, he laid a road made of rock to block the fire, and he trimmed the trees around his home to help thin the forest surrounding his house. Brady even laid solar panels used to transform the energy from the sun and turn it into electricity.

Perhaps most impressive, his home is insulated by an 8-inch concrete barrier that can withstand flames for up to four hours.

"It's made out of insulated concrete forms which is foam on both sides so you have a high insulated value, but the interior of the core is poured concrete," Brady said.

Flames crept up on Brady's house within an hour and a half from when he first saw signs of fire, so he didn't have time to prepare or buy food in advance. His neighbors did choose to evacuate, and with their permission, he raided their refrigerator and he and his son ate that for
their four sleepless days and nights of firefighting. It's important to mention firefighters certainly don't encourage fighting a fire on your own.



ECO-Block Leads the Way
ECO-Block has been the leader in innovative technology and product applications. Our unique panelized system is the only block to work in tilt-up construction. The ability to change the wall sizes around the corner, within a wall length, or even just within one block had made ECO-Block a prime candidate for commercial applications needing pilasters, retaining walls, or varying load capacity. Our insulating concrete form is simply the most versatile in the marketplace.

ECO-Block Gets Noticed
Whether it be advances in the residential market or in the increasingly successful commercial market, ECO-Block gets noticed. Our projects are often featured in magazines and journals, picked up by TV crews, and chosen for top awards.

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