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Building with ECO Block

It will not take you long to learn how to build efficiently with ECO Block, you will make more profit with more speed, with no need for masonry blocks, insulation or battens to be installed.

You will have more control of your projects, electrical and plumbing serviced do not require drilling and are faster to install. The ECO Block system is clean fast and easy to build with, you will also have a much better building to offer your customers. ECO Block buildings are just better.

Learning to build with Eco Block is a simple, but requires onsite training with our experienced technical staff to become proficient. There are risks that need to be managed and process’s that need to be demonstrated and understood before Eco Block Installation becomes a smooth flowing process for you.

The costs of On Site training are easily absorbed into your job as you get productivity from our training staff on site as you learn. We also actively support and promote our preferred builders and will introduce them to our new home owner enquiries as those opportunities become available.

Simpler, Faster, Better….


ECO Block is a 3 piece wall system that includes Panels, Connectors & Braces :

1. Insulated Panels EPS formwork with Fixing strips at 200mm centres
2. Connectors Hold the panels together and determine block width
3. Braces/Scaffold Support the wall during pouring and adjust alignment

The panels are made of light weight high density EPS and can easily be cut or molded with basic hand tools. The blocks are quickly assembled by clicking the connectors to the panels which are then stacked in place. Reinforcing steel is then placed where required, the wall is then braced for support. A pre pour check is completed, the new wall is filled with concrete and realigned. That’s It !!

Interior linings and Exterior cladding can now be direct fixed to the wall in the conventional manner.


It is not uncommon for all of the perimeter walls on a low set house to be up and poured in 7 days with an experienced crew. How can it be that easy :

1. Formwork, Battens & Insulation are all in 1 integrated System with many applications
2. ECO Blocks are 1.2 L x .400 High i.e. 2 blocks per m2
3. 40 blocks or 20m2 can be assembled and stacked in 1 hr by an experienced crew
4. All of the structural steel is “οn wall”, with less structural elements to tie in
5. There is no drilling required for Plumbing or Electrical services
6. There is no mortar, battening or insulation required
7. Panels are cleanly and easily cut, many off cuts can be reused with less clean up
8. Less weight, means less energy exerted i.e. 1m2 Eco Block = 15kg pm2
1m2 Conc Blocks dry = 187kg pm2


1. Unlimited design scope Any style or shape with larger door & window openings
2. Healthier Light and fast to build with, with little waste and no toxins
3. Safer/Stronger ECO Block homes have survived real Fires, Floods and Cyclones
4. Sustainable ECO Block homes use significantly less fossil fuels to heal and
cool for the life of a building over traditionally build home
5. Energy Efficient 8 Star Energy Rated
25%+ as measured by AE Smith
HVAC rightsizing will further reduce build cost
6. Low Maintenance Not affected by Rot, Mould or Termites.
7. Cost Effective Easier & Faster to build with better performance for similar cost

What can you build with ECO Block ? :
• Concrete Block Walls
• Retaining walls
• Footings
• Curved Walls
• In Ground Tanks
• Swimming Pools
• Multi Level/ Multi Unit Construction
• Party Walls
• Projects on difficult sites
• General House Construction

Real Performance:

ECO Block has been tested in real fire and hurricane conditions & retained structural integrity where most others wall systems have failed (View Photos)

Unreal Test Performance:

• ECO-Block is Branz Tested & BCA Compliant
• 24mpa poured in wall……..40mpa tested at 35 days
• Fire resistant (2hrs) for the 230 Series Wall
• Acoustic FSTC = 54 for 280 Series Wall
• Thermal R-Value = 3.78
• ECO Block is also an approved masonry solution by the Queensland State Government

We have recently updated our Engineering & Design Guide, Full Technical Manual and Onsite Training Manuals. They are available by request online by filling out the form here or contacting us directly if you are in design stage and require assistance right now. We are also happy to arrange a full product presentation together with the latest updates on CD.

If you have a building project that requires a faster stronger masonry solution with built in insulation call us now. We will assist you with Estimating, Pricing and on Site Training.


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