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ECO Block - Insulated Concrete Wall System

Real Performance:

ECO Block has a history of providing safer stronger homes that have maintained structural integrity in real flood, fire and hurricane conditions where most other wall systems have failed (View Photos)

ECO Block allows for limitless design and gives you a double insulated, continuous steel reinforced concrete core from 100mm up to 600mm, with no joints or weak points and is integrated into a simple, single system that is cost competitive with and consistently outperforms almost all other wall systems over the life cycle of a building.

Our Eco Block Revit content is hosted by QARC Systems. You install their Free QARC4Revit plug-in, and our walls and details are a simple Drag+Drop from its browser.

Visit the QARC Systems website or download the free plug-in here.


Unreal Performance:

• ECO-Block is Branz Tested & BCA Compliant
• 24mpa in……..40mpa at 30 days
• Fire resistant (90mins) for the 230 Series Wall
• Acoustic FSTC 280 wall = Dntw + Ctr =51, NCC/BCA minimum is 45, 230 wall = Dntw + Ctr = 45, NCC/ BCA minimum is 45
• Thermal R-Value = 3.78
• ECO Block is approved by the Queensland State Government

Simpler:   One System includes Structure, Insulation, Vapour Barrier, Fire Wall and Battens

Faster:     Easy 3 step process with many applications. Stack, Brace and Pour… That’s it !!

Better:     Significantly Stronger, Unlimited Design Scope, Less Waste & Superior Performance.

Our technical team will support you from concept through to completion with design/engineering, planning/estimating, and certified onsite training on your projects. We actively promote Architects, Designers and Builders who specify and use ECO Block, by referring them on to new home owners who desire to live in our 8 star energy efficient ECO Block Homes.

If you are designing or building, and want to live in a safe, healthy, energy efficient home that can sustain Hurricanes, Cyclones, Fires and Floods then ECO Block is definitely a better way to build…

Talk to us now to update your technical library or find out more about this world class wall system

Call Us Now On 1800 669 696 or Enquire Online




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